Hot Rod Fiberglass by Cromwell Molding Company

Cromwell Molding Hot Rod Fiberglass

Your best value in T-Bucket and Hot Rod fiberglass. Cromwell Molding Company is family-owned and devoted to quality, service and excellence in hot rod fiberglass fabrication.

Since its founding in 1989, Cromwell Molding has produced over 2500 T-Bucket fiberglass bodies and is committed to being the value leader in the field, with increased investment in facilities, tooling and equipment.

Cromwell Molding Company - Paynesville Minnesota

In celebration of its 32nd Anniversary, Cromwell Molding is proud and excited to introduce its finest T-Bucket fiberglass body with the sharpest lines and details yet. And still your best value!

T-Bucket Fiberglass Body 1923 Ford Cromwell Molding
New Cromwell Molding 1923 Ford T-Bucket Fiberglass Body shown with optional Grille Shell. NOTE: New bodies come in our standard BLACK gel-coat finish. White gel-coat used for photo to better show cleanliness and definition of body lines. 

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