Ford Thunderbolt Teardrop Hood Scoop


IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to our current production backlog, any new orders for this product will not be scheduled for production until 5 weeks after receipt. Once in production, allow one week lead time. What that means is that any new order entered today will not ship until about 6 weeks from today. This situation is temporary and we appreciate your understanding.

Made famous by the limited production (100) Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt factory experimental race cars of 1964, this fiberglass teardrop hood scoop will give your FoMoCo the nostalgic performance look.



Made famous by the torrid 1964 Ford Thunderbolt drag cars, this new fiberglass teardrop scoop has a black gelcoat finish ready to sand and paint. The scoop can be installed by bonding, rivets, or bolting.

Ford Thunderbolt Hood Scoop Teardrop

The dimensions are:

  • 3 inches tall
  • 37-1/2 inches long
  • 25 inches wide

Ford Thunderbolt Hood Scoop Teardrop

This fiberglass Ford Thunderbolt Teardrop Hood Scoop can be picked up at Cromwell Molding for no additional charge or boxed and shipped anywhere in the lower 48 States for a $42 flat rate charge. For other locations, please contact us for a quote.


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