Opening Door T-Bucket 1923 Ford Fiberglass Body


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It’s your choice with our new opening door fiberglass T-Bucket bodies. Traditional passenger side, driver side or both opening doors. You get exactly what you want. Just click on the “Opening Doors” tab below to make it your own.
ships by truck or free local pickup

NOTE: Due to size, this product cannot be shipped UPS or USPS. Therefore, shipping is not included in price. You can arrange to pick it up at our facility in Paynesville, Minnesota or if you have a business address (your own or a friend’s who has given you permission) we can ship to, call before ordering and we can help you with LTL (Less Than Load) shipping.

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With our opening door T-Bucket fiberglass bodies, you get one or both doors already nicely cut out with a matching door jamb already molded into the body. No need to worry about saber saw goof-ups cutting your own door. You do your own hinging and latching and save big.

The first fiberglass T-Bucket bodies produced in the 1960s didn’t have opening doors and many T-Buckets today don’t have them. The driver enters by using the rear tire as a step or has a step plate attached to the frame. But for your and your passenger’s convenience at least one opening door is very desirable.

fiberglass T-Bucket body opening door


NOTE: New opening door T-Bucket bodies come in our standard BLACK gel-coat finish and are 1/8+ inch thick chopper gun sprayed.

T-Bucket fiberglass body opening door

Our opening door T-Bucket Fiberglass Body Dimensions:

  • 52″ from the firewall to the back
  • 44″ wide door to door
  • 25″ tall at the dash
  • 27″ tall in the rear
  • The body weighs approximately 45 lbs.

T-Bucket fiberglass door opening

NOTE: When ordering, be sure to pick which door(s) you want cut out: left (driver), right (passenger) or both by clicking on the “Opening Doors” drop-down above.

T-Bucket doorsOn a historic note, most of Henry Ford’s Model T runabouts only had one opening door: the right, passenger side. Some say it was to save money, others say it was for safety so the driver wouldn’t exit into traffic, still others believe the left side hand brake and steering wheel would make a driver’s door impractical and there are some who say that with both doors cut and hinged the small Model T runabout body would flex too much. So while the Model T driver side door molding was there it was only a decoration.

ships by truck or free local pickupDue to size, our Fiberglass T-Bucket Bodies cannot be shipped UPS or USPS.

You can arrange to pick it up at our facility in Paynesville, Minnesota. It will fit in a pickup truck or the back of most SUV’s like Tahoe, Durango (be sure to measure your’s first).

Or if you have a business address we can ship to (your own or a friend’s who has given you permission) we can help you with LTL (Less Than Load) shipping. We will palletize, shrink wrap, and load your order on your freight carrier for a $25.00 fee. 

If you are sending a freight truck, our pick up hours are Monday thru Thursday 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Please note that as long as you are ordering a T-Bucket body that adding the Seat Insert, Pickup Box, Turtle Deck, and/or Grille Shell incurs only minimal additional shipping cost.

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Opening Doors

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